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Program World of Orient

Friday 04.03.2016

Galashow I  Grand Opening Gala 2016


Saturday 05.03.2016

Galashow II "Oriental Stars on Stage"

05. & 06.03.2016


05. & 06.03.2016

Oriental Trade Fair

05. & 06.03.2016

Open Stage

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WoO Künstler Line Up 2016

Asmahana - Queen of the Nile - Cairo Live Show
World-Famous Star Guest live from Cairo/Egypt

International Festival Managing Director
- Festival Director: Barcelona Oriental Festival (Uruguay/Spain)
Catherine Mancera
- Festival Director: Spirit of Cairo Festival (Germany/Berlin)
- Festival Director: "360° Orient" (Russia/D)
Isis Zahara
- Festival Director: Aldunya Festival Netherland (Brazil/Netherland)
Mimi Sokolova -
Festival Director: Orient el Hob Festival (Bulgaria)

International Star Guests from Japan to Canada
Antonio Rodriguez
- Prince of Bellydance (Brasilien/D)
Aysel Akiko
- International Performer & Teacher (Japan)
Azad Kaan
- International Master Teacher (Turkey/D)
Daniel Murua
- Director Dance Ensemble "JBAIL" (Argentinia)
Eliana Hoffmann
- International Performer, Teacher, Festival Director (RUS/Germany)
Ensemble Lorena Galeano
- Trained by Lorena Galeano (Argentina/Swiss)
Ensemble Noujoum "The Power of Argentinian Oriental Style" by Lorena
Ensemble Pierre Moussa
- Dabke Dance Ensemble Pierre Moussa (Libanon/D)
Ensemble Yohara
- United Belgium Dance Ensemble (Belgium)
Iana Komarnytska
- International Multi Award Winner (Ukraine/Canada)
Oriental Divas- International Dance Ensemble (Swiss)
Pedro Bonatto
- International photographer/percussionist (Brazil/Canada)
Whirling Wizards - Trained by Nicole MCLaren (Swiss/USA)           

International Instructors & Ensembles "Made in Germany"
Inci Brose - International Bellydance Artist (D)
Ensemble ESTHAR
- Trained by Catherine Mancera (D)
Ensemble Chillis
- International Dance Ensemble Azad Kaan (Turkey/D)
Ensemble Lazurie
- Trained & directed by Delanna (Russia/D)
Ensemble Salomons Töchter
- International Dance Ensemble Shahrazad
Sabina Zaida
- International Daner & Instructor - Orient Fest Oranizer (D)
Safiyya & Shaneira
- International Oriental Dance Duet (Germany/Croatia)
Said El Amir
- International Master Instructor (D)
- International Bellydancer & Managing Director Chakra DanceCenter (D)
Selina & Friends
- Trained by Selina (D)
- Worldwide Unique Master Teacher (D)
"Wir sind Tanzraum"
- 15 years Anniversary Special (D) featuring: Alexandra, Dani, Elena Sapega, Glass Eaters, Patrizia Zarnovican, Perlatentia u.a.           

European Shooting Stars & International Award Winner
Antje Lossin
- International Performer & Multi Award Winner (D)
Ensemble "Malea"
- Deutscher Meister 2015 trained by Jana Sahar (D)
Glass Eaters
- Winner 1st Place Group  "Tribal Star" 2015 (D)
- Winner 1st Place Solo "Tribal Star 2015"
Nastja Marin
- Caucasian Belly Princess (Georgia/D)
Romy (Romina) Mimus
- BDSS Member & International Multi Award Winner (D)           

Orient Live on Stage -  Music & Performances by:
- Multi Percussionist (Marokko/D)
Mahmoud Ramadan
- Lebanese Singer & Percussion Artist  (Libanon)
Pedro Bonatto
– International percussionist (Brazil/Canada)
– Oriental Percussion-Ensemble-Hannover (International)